FACE RECOGNITION FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS REQUEST SOLUTION USE CASES Spot offenders and welcome VIP clients with the help of prime facial recognition software. Improve the quality of potential borrowers scoring and reduce the risks associated with the staff. FindFace lets you get the most out of your business security.   < 1 sec is how […]


FACE RECOGNITION FOR RETAIL REQUEST SOLUTION USE CASES Increase sales and reduce costs with FindFace, the leader in the facial recognitions systems industry. Get to know your customers as soon as they enter the store. Identify shoplifters, prevent theft and losses. Provide exquisite service to your VIPs to forge a strong bond, increasing their loyalty […]

corporate safety

CORPORATE SECURITY WITH FINDFACE CONTACT OUR EXPERTS USE CASES Face recognition allows you to take security up a notch in enterprises and offices, providing access and time tracking effectively and without inconvenience for employees. The access control system with facial biometrics at a large enterprise successfully solves the problem of access control in conditions of […]