BIOMETRIC SOLUTION AGAINST COVID-19 CONTACT OUR EXPERTS As humanity faces a new biologic threat in the form of highly contagious COVID-19, we at NtechLab are hard at work on adjusting and implementing our outbreak and quarantine control system to fight the pandemic. The algorithm underlying NtechLab’s solutions has shown a great deal of effectiveness in […]

mobile biometric system

FINDFACE MOBILE BIOMETRIC SYSTEMFacial recognition system for schools, colleges and universities CONTACT OUR EXPERTS USE CASES The FindFace mobile biometric system is a unique solution that guarantees the safety of cultural and sporting events and provides biometric control in counter-terrorism operations and hot spots. up to 8 hours of battery-powered operation  24 cameras can work […]

educational institutions

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONSFacial recognition system for schools, colleges and universities CONTACT OUR EXPERTS USE CASES We have designed a system that will help students get to class quickly and safely, reduce the amount of paperwork for teachers and notify parents of any inconsistencies. With the introduction of advanced technology, educational institutions become a place where everyone […]

transport security

FINDFACE ON TRANSPORT CONTACT OUR EXPERTS USE CASES Railways, airports, sea and river ports, subway, train stations, and public ground transport are not the only means of transportation for intruders and terrorists but are also likely targets for their attacks. In this regard, the task of ensuring the safety of transport infrastructure facilities is of […]

public safety

PUBLIC SAFETY WITH FINDFACE CONTACT OUR EXPERTS USE CASES Creating a comfortable and safe urban environment is of utmost importance. FindFace facial biometrics plays a vital role in solving this task. On the one hand, FindFace allows city authorities to collect big data essential for city planning. On the other hand, it ensures the city […]