expedited service

EXPEDITED SERVICE CONTACT SALES Today, you can’t make people wait. Facial recognition technology speeds up the delivery of numerous services, such as passport control in an airport, online loans, POS operations, etc. up to 75% of petty theft losses reduction with the shoplifter protection 2−4 months is enough time for full ROI for this facial […]

know your customer

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER CONTACT SALES Facial biometrics is able to provide data about your customers: recognize gender and age, count unique visitors, and register visiting frequency. Linking individual customer profiles to a digital facial database opens up the best opportunities in personalized marketing. up to 75% of petty theft losses reduction with the shoplifter protection […]

public safety

PUBLIC SAFETY CONTACT SALES The FindFace facial recognition system improves security and assists law enforcement organizations city- and nationwide. Integrate FindFace with thousands of cameras that are already embedded in urban infrastructure. Use FindFace to search for missing people, to identify criminals and terrorists. Accurate information about the people flow in cities helps to optimize […]

fraud prevention

FRAUD PREVENTION CONTACT SALES Many crimes, from petty shoplifting in supermarkets to serious thefts when providing financial services remotely, can be easily prevented by facial recognition technology. The FindFace system makes for a quick response of security officers and an effective investigation of violations with the video archive search. The solution is protected from fraud […]

access management

FACIAL RECOGNITION ACCESS MANAGEMENT CONTACT SALES Face recognition access control provides employees with quick and convenient access to the workplace while preventing fraud. The FindFace software accuracy, search speed and low error rate make this algorithm the starting point when choosing biometric-based security systems. up to 75% of petty theft losses reduction with the shoplifter […]

visitor identification

VISITOR IDENTIFICATION CONTACT SALES Recognize your regular customers at the doorstep and use the information to make their visit as enjoyable and productive as possible. The identification function allows you to build a loyalty program without issuing any special cards and track the client’s visit history «by face». Collect anonymous statistics about your customers to […]